Jason Stoneking is an American writer living in Paris, France. He has published two collections of poems: Double Edged Pen (Fresh Hell Books 1997) and no demon no god (Onestar Press 2000) and four collections of essays: Audience of One (In Libro Veritas 2011), Audience of Twelve (Happy House Books 2012), Sifting Through (2014), and Audience of None (Happy House Books 2015). He has also released an album, in 2001 as the frontman of the eponymous garage-punk band Stoneking, and has written and directed two short films: Larry's Big Break (2006) in which he also starred, and Knock Knock (2008) starring Joanna Miadowicz and Andrew Shemin. His band was the subject of the 2009 documentary The Stoneking Project by Richard Dailey.

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Jason won the Denver regional poetry slam in 1994, and performed on the main stage at that year's Lollapalooza festival. He also traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to represent Colorado in the National Poetry Slam of that same year. In 2004, he placed second in the Brentano's Paris Poet Laureate competition. His first film, Larry's Big Break, was officially selected for the Santa Fe Film Festival in 2006. His second film, Knock Knock, was screened in the Short Film Corner at Cannes in 2009. Richard Dailey's documentary, The Stoneking Project, was officially selected for both the 2009 London Independent Film Festival and the 2010 Cannes Independent Film Festival. In 2014, Jason and his long-time partner/collaborator, artist Leslie McAllister, were awarded a three-month residency at the Artellewa Art Space in Cairo, Egypt. During the residency, Jason launched the wildly successful Cairo Dish-Painting Initiative, a community-based art project that aims to foster self-expression by encouraging Egyptians to creatively paint the satellite dishes that so densely occupy the Cairo skyline. Since its launch, the project has amassed 10,000 followers on social media and been covered by AP, Reuters, and countless other news outlets across the world.

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