The Project

an evolving idea.

A handwritten book. Not just hand-copied from a draft, but an original, handwritten manuscript, addressed specifically to one person. Like a cross between a journal and a letter, with elements of a roman à clef thrown in. A personal story from the life of a poet in Paris, told directly to you, for your eyes only. This is a book that you alone will have sole possession of.

I've always been fascinated by the idea of personalized writing, which I've explored in my essay collections by writing in response to suggested titles. This is another step in that process. Tailoring not just the ideas, or the content, but the entire book to one specific individual.

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For you

Jason Stoneking will write an intimate,
handwritten, one-of-a-kind book, specifically for you.

The smallest book

250 euro

handmade, hand-stitched,
approximately A6, 20 pages

The middle size

750 euro

soft-cover Moleskine,
approximately A5, 80 pages

The full size

2,500 euro

hard-cover Moleskine,
approximately A4, 200 pages

questions and quotes

Custom sizes, colors, and special requests are possible.